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Jitney Trade

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2017 Online Brokerage Review 2017 Mobile Brokerage Review
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Surviscor Assessment:
Surviscor Assessment:
Online Highlights

Surviscor presently reviews Jitney Trade's customer service level. The service signal can be seen above and see tables below on how they performed within the online brokerage community.

Mobile Highlights

Jitney Trade was removed from the online analysis in 2014. Jitney Trade lost its swagger of a few years back and it is obvious that the online offering attempts to attract Traders; however, in terms of the Investor, Jitney Trade continues to be the lost kid on the block.


Brokerage Rankings

Qtrade Investor provides the best overall online investor experience in the Canadian Online Discount Brokerage landscape, repeating as the top ranked firm in 2017 with another convincing win and a score of 90%, 11 percentage points ahead of 2nd place Questrade who moved up one position from 2016.  Past multi-winner BMO InvestorLine and Scotia iTRADE finished in a tie for third place.  The Surviscor Canadian Online Discount Brokerage Review focuses on the relatively 'free' segments of business for the everyday Canadian Investor.

1 Qtrade Investor 90%
2 Questrade 79%
3 Scotia iTRADE 77%
4 BMO InvestorLine 77%
5 RBC Direct Investing 72%
6 TD Direct Investing 70%
7 Virtual Brokers 64%
8 Desjardins Online Brokerage 62%
9 National Bank Direct Brokerage 61%
10 CIBC Investor's Edge 59%
11 HSBC InvestDirect 55%
BMO InvestorLine provides the best overall mobile customer experience in Canada according to Surviscor's 2017 Mobile Discount Brokerage scorCard Review. Questrade finished in second place while Qtrade Investor rounded up the top three.

1 BMO InvestorLine 76%
2 Questrade 66%
3 Qtrade Investor 61%
4 TD Direct Investing 50%
5 Scotia iTRADE 50%
6 RBC Direct Investing 43%
7 Virtual Brokers 42%
8 National Bank Direct Brokerage 36%
9 CIBC Investor's Edge 31%
10 Desjardins Online Brokerage 27%

For the 6th straight year, MoneySense and Surviscor partnered to produce the annual Canada's Best Canadian Online Brokerages review. The study was conducted in April and May 2018 using Surviscor's most recent Canadian online and mobile brokerage features, functionality and service data to support the conclusions.

The methodology and results were jointly produced by Surviscor and MoneySense. CLICK on any firm for more detailed information and educational content. Additional Canadian brokerage firms not mentioned as well as all Canadian banking firms can be found by clicking: LEARN MORE ABOUT THE FIRMS

The overall and category top three picks and resulting scores were:


1.Qtrade Investor: 22 points

2.Questrade: 21 points

T3.Scotia iTRADE: 14 points

T3.BMO Investorline: 14 points

Initial Impression

1.Questrade: 13 points

2.iTRADE: 9 points

3.TD Direct Investing: 9 points

User Experience (UX)

1.Qtrade Investor: 40 points

2.Scotia iTRADE: 31 points

3.BMO Investorline: 30 points

Mobile Accessibility

1.BMO Investorline: 26 points

2.Questrade: 14 points

3.Qtrade Investor: 10 points

Service Interaction

1.Qtrade Investor: 8 points

2.RBC Direct Investing: 7 points

3.Questrade: 6 points

Best Online Brokerage for ETFs

1.National Bank Direct Brokerage: 17 points

2.Qtrade Investor: 16 points

3.BMO Investorline: 13 points

Market Data

1.TD Direct Investing: 20 points

2.Qtrade Investor: 17 points

3.RBC Direct Investing: 9 points

Fees and Commissions

1.HSBC InvestDirect: 10 points

2.Questrade: 10 points

3.CIBC Investor's Edge: 7 points

Digital release date: May 22, 2018

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Service Level Rankings

For the third consecutive year, Qtrade Investor is the leader in customer service amongst Canadian self-directed brokerage firms, as measured by the 2017 Surviscor Service Level Assessment review. The review, now in its 13th year, analyzed 170 'mystery shopper' service enquiries per firm and over 2,500 industry enquiries in 2017. RBC Direct Investing, Desjardins Online Brokerage and Credential Direct rounded up the top three. 

1 Qtrade Investor 96%
2 RBC Direct Investing 86%
3 Desjardins Online Brokerage 74%
4 Scotia iTRADE 66%
5 Interactive Brokers 54%
6 Questrade 36%
7 HSBC InvestDirect 28%
8 Jitney Trade 28%
9 National Bank Direct Brokerage 28%
10 TD Direct Investing 20%
11 CIBC Investor's Edge 16%
12 BMO InvestorLine 12%
13 Virtual Brokers 8%
14 Laurentian Bank Discount Brokerage 4%

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Overall Score (%) 99
Current Service Rating (%) 85
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Overall Score (%) 71
Current Service Rating (%) 85
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