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Service Level Experience Review

Service reputation is the cornerstone of any consumer and business relationship and can be measured in several ways. Surviscor has been analyzing customer service experience since 2006 to hold firms accountable, compiling in excess of 100,000 service interactions across 45 plus firms. The review was expanded for the 2020 results to incorporate service interaction capabilities at all firms, both inside and outside the customer login process and across all digital devices.

The Latest Rankings

For the third straight year, Conexus Credit Union provides the Best Digital Banking Service Experience in Canada. It is difficult to turn on any media source and not find someone, or some group, complaining about poor customer service experiences. In most cases, the complaints are valid. The digital banking industry is not doing anything to improve the theory, averaging a staggering 50 hours to respond to a non-social media digital interaction in 2022. Even a deeper dive into the top ten firms, which removes the outliers, indicates an average close to 30 hours which further supports the theory.
2023 Rank Digital Banking Firm Peer Score Response Time* Firm Review
1 Conexus Credit Union 92 % 6 hours See Analysis
2 Desjardins 67 % 21 hours See Analysis
3 Assiniboine Credit Union 64 % 10 hours See Analysis
4 Servus Credit Union 58 % 32 hours See Analysis
5 Envision Financial 48 % 24 hours See Analysis
6 Vancity 39 % 37 hours See Analysis
7 Alterna Savings 39 % 39 hours See Analysis
8 National Bank of Canada 38 % 52 hours See Analysis
9 Laurentian Bank of Canada 34 % 48 hours See Analysis
10 Coast Capital Savings 33 % 61 hours See Analysis
11 Motive Financial 32 % 48 hours See Analysis
12 motusbank 30 % 52 hours See Analysis
13 ICICI Bank of Canada 30 % 31 hours See Analysis
14 CIBC 29 % No e-Service See Analysis
15 Simplii Financial 28 % 78 hours See Analysis
16 Meridian Credit Union 26 % 62 hours See Analysis
17 BMO Bank of Montreal 24 % No e-Service See Analysis
18 TD Canada Trust 23 % No e-Service See Analysis
19 Alterna Bank 23 % 62 hours See Analysis
20 Steinbach Credit Union 22 % 59 hours See Analysis
21 Scotiabank 21 % No e-Service See Analysis
22 ATB Financial 21 % 56 hours See Analysis
23 Tangerine 21 % No e-Service See Analysis
24 RBC Royal Bank 21 % No e-Service See Analysis
25 Affinity Credit Union 21 % 50 hours See Analysis
26 EQ Bank 19 % 70 hours See Analysis
27 Manulife Bank of Canada 17 % 76 hours See Analysis
28 Blueshore Financial 16 % 111 hours See Analysis
29 HSBC Canada 14 % No e-Service See Analysis
30 PC Financial 11 % No e-Service See Analysis
31 Pace Credit Union 5 % No e-Service See Analysis
32 First Calgary Financial 2 % No e-Service See Analysis

* Response Times are based on 147 service interactions per firm over the 2022 calendar year

Experience Categories

The Service Level Experience Review explores the various service interaction methods and the availability of each method across both the desktop-based and mobile-based digital devices, and 'mystery shopping' service interaction responsiveness data initiated through the non-social, public-facing interaction facility provided by the Contact Us information at each Canadian Digital consumer banking firm. Service interaction data is collected using Surviscor's ongoing Service Level Assessment program that has been in place since 2006.

Monthly Service Standards

The sub-category audits the monthly average response time (ART), classifying each firm into one of the the following standards: Platinum, Gold, Silver and Bronze. Firms not classified are considered inadequate and require improvement.

Monthly Service Level Index (SLI)

Non-Customer Online Interaction Resources

Customer Online Interaction Resources

Monthly Average Response Time (ART)

Daily SLI - ART

Non-Customer Mobile Interaction Resources

Customer Mobile Interaction Resources

What we Measure and The Deep Dive that Differentiates.

# of Firms

Surviscor initiates 'mystery shopping' service interactions to digital consumer banking firms including banks and credit unions.

# of Service Records / Firm

The 12-month review is broken down into an average of 10-14 service interactions per firm each month amounting to 140-160 records per firm per year.

# of Sub-Categories

The sub-categories measure individual firms by service interaction response times and both the desktop-based and mobile-based user experience of each digital consumer banker 'touch-point' offered and the availability.

# of Categories

The last level of analysis, or as most consider the first level, represents the main items under review that rollup into the final industry ranking and individual scores.

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