Canadian Banking Rates and Fees Review

Surviscor Canadian Retail Banking
Rates and Fees Review

The Banking Fees Review will be introduced in 2020 and explore the various account rates and fees, including investments and mortgages, offered to retail banking customers through a digital-based account.

What we Will Measure and The Deep Dive that Differentiates.

# of profiles

We are proposing look at 3 different banking profiles, each weighted to its importance within the industry user composition.

# of firm evaluations

The 2020 review will evaluate each firm using approximately 89 individual evaluations including interest earned, fees paid and mortage interest paid.

# of Sub-categories

The 2020 will further drilldown is into 35 various dollar levels and individual account activities.

# of Categories

The main categories under review will be Chequing Accounts, Savings Accounts, TFSA Deposit Accounts; GIC rates; Mortgage Interest and Everyday Fees.

Banking Fees Review - Experience Categories

The Online Retail Banking Review objective criteria is divided into six main categories, each weighted according to industry-defined importance, for an overall maximum score of 100.

Chequing Accounts

The category explores the monthly chequing account fee charged per account based upon an average monthly account balance and an estimated number of monthly transaction per account. The analysis excludes and rebates or promotional fees.

TFSA Deposit Accounts

Mortgage Interest

Savings Accounts

GIC / Term Deposits

Everyday Fees

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