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Surviscor has been analyzing the Canadian Retail Banking industry since 2008 and is known for the most comprehensive and unbiased reviews in North America.

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A Surviscor Personalized Validation and Selection Tool for Consumer retail bankers to find the best firm that suits their individual needs

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Our History is our Experience. Our Experience is our Strength

The Year
We Started

Surviscor Banking was established in 2008 to provide Canadians with annual rankings that target an individual's banking EXPERIENCE and journey.

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Annual Reviews

We produce 5 independent Canadian banking reviews throughout a calendar year covering key relationship experiences.

# of Banking Firms Reviewed

The Surviscor reviews are the most comprehensive one-on-one analysis in Canada and include big banks, credit unions, independent banks and branchless 'virtual' banks.

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Editorial Results

Surviscor prides itself on its objective analysis and independence from editorial bias. All firms are reviewed equally regardless of any marketing or sponsorships agreement.

Frequently Asked Questions

At Surviscor we are committed to full disclosure and transparency regarding our business practices and our partnerships.

Industry Firms (4)

All major firms are considered for inclusion in each Surviscor review.

How are the firms determined?
Surviscor is responsible for selecting the firms to be reviewed based on industry importance and access to account information.
Do the firms pay to be in the reviews?
No. Unlike most other reviews, Surviscor reviews are not pay-for-play allowing consumers to trust that the key firms were included in each review.
Do the firms participate in the review?
Each firm is approached to participate through questionnaires and in-person reviews. Not all firms co-operate in the process.
Can a firm choose NOT to be in a review?
No. Many firms would love to be excluded but Surviscor includes as many as possible to ensure the results are relevant and indicative of the industry experience.

scorCard Methodology (4)

All scorCards™ are divided into key measurement categories, each containing sub-categories of multiple objective criteria. Each category is weighted according to their industry-defined importance, and each company is provided with a category ranking and overall ranking.

Is the review a consumer survey?
No. At the present time none of the reviews involve consumer-based interaction.
Who performs the reviews?
Each firm is individually evaluated by Surviscor staff and partners using a simulated-usage approach.
Who determines the category weightings?
The categories are weighted according to industry-defined importance by participating firms.
Who determines the sub-category weightings?
The sub-categories are established by Surviscor staff and partners.