Surviscor Canadian Digital Brokerage Review

The Digital Brokerage Review was introduced in 2020 as a compilation of all the individual Surviscor DIY discount brokerage reviews. The review provides a consolidated holistic view of a complete DIY investor experience and investing journey.

What we Measure and The Deep Dive that Differentiates.

# of Questions

The questions form the basis for each analysis and represent the lowest level of features surrounding the functionality under each review. Binary questions are used to replicate the various actions an actual DIY investor would perform when using a self-directed platform.

# of Criteria

The criteria represent the various sub-categories in each of the four reviews to form the ‘experiences’ or usability encountered by a DIY investor on a self-directed platform.

# of Sub-Categories

The sub-categories represent the various categories in each of the four reviews and are assigned weightings according to the importance the group of experiences contributes within its category.

# of Categories

The categories are the completed individual Surviscor Brokerage Experience Reviews, each weighted according to industry-defined importance to a COMPLETE DIY investing digital journey.

Digital Brokage Review - Experiences

The Digital Brokerage Review categories represent the individual Surviscor Experience Reviews, each weighted according to industry-defined importance, for an overall maximum score of 100.

Online Platform Experience

The online brokerage category explores a typical desktop investor experience, including both the pre-login and login areas.

12-month Service Experience

Mobile Platform Experience

Brokerage Fees Experience

The Latest Rankings

Qtrade Investor has been named Canada's best self-directed brokerage firm for overall digital brokerage experience according to Surviscor's inaugural 2020 Digital Self-Directed Brokerage Rankings. The all-encompassing ranking is determined based on four key individual digital experience reviews conducted in late 2019 and early 2020, Online Experience, Mobile Experience, Service Level Experience and Cost of Services. Questrade finished in 2nd place, industry giant TD Direct Investing in 3rd, while the oldest firm in the industry, Desjardins Online Brokerage, known as Disnat, finished first in the Cost of Services experience.
Digital Experience Rank Firm Peer Score Strongest Catgeory Weakest Category
1 Qtrade Direct Investing New Brand 91 % Online Experience Mobile Experience
2 Questrade 85 % Mobile Experience Cost Experience
3 TD Direct Investing 73 % Online Experience Cost Experience
4 RBC Direct Investing 71 % Service Experience Cost Experience
5 Desjardins Online Brokerage 63 % Cost Experience Mobile Experience
T-6 National Bank Direct Brokerage 61 % Mobile Experience Online Experience
T-6 CIBC Investor's Edge 61 % Cost Experience Online Experience
8 BMO InvestorLine 60 % Mobile Experience Cost Experience
T-9 Scotia iTRADE 58 % Online Experience Service Experience
T-9 HSBC InvestDirect 58 % Cost Experience Online Experience
11 Virtual Brokers 50 % Cost Experience Service Experience

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