Surviscor Canadian Online Brokerage Service Review

Service reputation is the cornerstone of any consumer and business relationship and can be measured in several ways. Surviscor has been analyzing customer service experience since 2006 to hold firms accountable, compiling in excess of 100,000 service interactions across 45 plus firms.

What we Measure and The Deep Dive that Differentiates.

# of Firms

Surviscor has been sending 'mystery shopping' service requests to between 12-15 industry firms per year including both bank-owned and independent firms.

# of Service Records / Firm

The 12-month review is broken down into an average of 12-15 service requests and/or interactions per firm each month amounting to 160-170 records per firm per year.

# of Sub-Categories

The sub-categories in a service review measure individual firms using monthly Response Standards, Average Response Time (ART) and Service Level Index (SLI) levels.

# of Categories

The last level of analysis, or as most consider the first level, represents the main items under review that rollup into the final industry ranking and individual scores.

Service Level Review - Experience Categories

The Service Level Review collected over 160 service interactions per firm initiated through Canadian self-directed brokerage firm’s chosen public-facing interaction facility to determine the best, and the worst, self-directed brokerage firms. The review is based on Surviscor's ongoing Service Level Assessment program.

Monthly Service Standards

The sub-category audits the monthly average response time (ART), classifying each firm into one of the the following standards: Platinum, Gold, Silver and Bronze. Firms not classified are considered inadequate and require improvement.

Monthly Service Level Index (SLI)

Monthly Average Response Time (ART)

Daily SLI - ART

Our Latest Service Level Results

Service Rank Firm Name Service Level Index Average Response Time Financial Services Rank
1 Qtrade Investor 98 % < 3 Hours Best of 45 Firms
2 Questrade 90 % < 4 Hours 2nd
3 RBC Direct Investing 79% > 16 Hours 5th
4 TD Direct Investing 69 % > 30 Hours 8th
5 Interactive Brokers 62 % > 32 Hours 13th
6 National Bank Direct Brokerage 35 % > 63 Hours 23rd
7 CIBC Investor's Edge 33 % > 73 Hours 27th
8 HSBC InvestDirect 31 % > 66 Hours 24th
9 Desjardins Online Brokerage 29 % > 69 Hours 26th
10 BMO InvestorLine 21 % > 82 Hours 30th
11 Scotia iTRADE 17 % > 87 Hours 32nd
12 Virtual Brokers 13 % > 109 Hours 37th
13 Laurentian Bank Discount Brokerage 8 % > 114 Hours 39th of 45 Firms
14 Canaccord Genuity Direct 4 % > 118 Hours 41st of 45 Firms

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