Surviscor Compensation Disclosure

Compensation Disclosure

Last Update: January 1st, 2024

Surviscor is a proven North American leader in the analysis and ranking of Canadian digital customer experiences provided by mainly financial services’ firms. The overall goal is to correctly educate consumers by clearly identifying the best and worst customer journey experiences amongst the vast number of firms and the products and services offered by providing high-quality content that is free to access—no paywall or subscription fees.

1. The content provided on our site is for information only; it is not meant to be relied on or used in lieu of advice from a professional. Partners/Advertisers are not responsible for the accuracy of information on our site. For complete and current information on any product, please visit the ranked firm or provider’s website.

2. Compensation agreements do not influence content on The differentiating factor between Surviscor’s reviews and editorial content, and other ranking and review firms, is informational integrity. All content on Surviscor web-based properties are non-biased and accurate evaluations of individual firms and industry offerings meant to correctly educate consumers to navigate the vast sea of consumer choices.

3. Firms are not required to pay for inclusion in any Surviscor reviews but do have the ability to pay for post-review information and services. To pay for content creation and operational expenses, Surviscor generates revenue through the following items:


Surviscor provides USERS with a detailed evaluation page on each of the ranked companies found on At times, Surviscor is compensated by ranked firms for an opportunity to enhance the contents of the standard no-fee page on with - and not limited to - sponsored advertisements with pre-determined links to desired third-party websites, media-based tools such as sponsored videos, defined links to company websites, and links to social media properties.