Surviscor and MoneySense Magazine Announce 2015 Discount Brokerage Article

TORONTO, ON --- January 23, 2014 ---BMO Bank of Montreal provides the best customer service amongst Canadian banking firms while Meridian Credit Union provides the best service amongst Canadian credit unions, according to a yearlong mystery shopping program conducted by research and business analysis firm Surviscor. Qtrade Investor provides the best service in the highly competitive Canadian discount brokerage industry.

The Customer Email Responsiveness (CER) program, now in its 8th year, analyzed over 175 'mystery shopper' emails, per firm, sent between January 1st, 2013 and December 31st, 2013 to over forty leading Canadian financial services firms. Surviscor establishes a CER Rating for each firm as well as tracks every detail of correspondence with the firms. Details include the time to respond, the performance of the stated response guidelines through auto-responses, the full email dialogue and the validity of the answer provided.

"The industry results both indicate and validate that email responsiveness is not a lost method of communication" said Glenn LaCoste, President of Surviscor. "Firms are trying to push both current and potential customers to social media channels to supposedly provide better service; however, the best firms are servicing customers where the customer wants to be serviced and should be praised for their efforts" added LaCoste. Surviscor also introduced a pilot social media campaign in 2013, recognizing the need to review the customer service levels in the growing social media industry.

The CER results indicate that the brokerage industry responds, on average, in half the time of a banking firm; however, the brokerage industry's top five firms respond on average in less than three regular hours while banking's top five respond in four hours. The key result is that the best brokerage firms typically respond in less than one hour during business hours. Complete rankings can be found at

For further information regarding the results, the ongoing CER program and associated reports and access to the data via scorView, contact Surviscor at or Glenn LaCoste at