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A Trusted and Honest Partner
Delivering Valuable Industry Research

Surviscor Group is the overarching consulting and research firm that runs Surviscor and provides business intelligence strategy and research services to firms of all sizes.

Surviscor Group's industry expertise and competitive industry data aids firms in defining monumental successful business strategies and forecasts while challenging management to provide BEST in CLASS digital platforms for its customers.

Digital Benchmarking
and Strategy

SG provides detailed information to develop or supplement digital product roadmaps and valuable industry insights to support development strategy.

Service Level Monitoring
and Benchmarking

SG provides firms with an EMPOWERMENT program allowing firms to effectively monitor both internal and external service metrics to perfect service interactions.

Digital Design and
Marketing Services

SG provides large firms with digital platform design recommendations and brand exposure and smaller firms with digital presence development.

Collaborative Consulting and
Executive Mentoring

SG's team of experts provide countless years of operational, strategic and executive experience to firms based on its current needs and stratgeic direction.

API Data Management
and Support Services

SG's exclusive data management system allows firms to access all mission critical data from anywhere and using any standard device.

Facilitation and
Research Services

SG provides research and surveying collaborations, along with certified facilitation expertise, for both internal and external engagements.