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Canadian Online Brokerage Analysis and MoneySense Magazine Review

Surviscor produces the most comprehensive online brokerage analysis in North America. Surviscor reviews Canadian discount brokerage firms who offer online brokerage service to self-directed investors in Canada. The minimum requirements are:

  1. Transactional capabilities in Canadian and US markets
  2. At minimum, the firm must be registered for business in Ontario and Quebec
  3. Minimum account opening balance requirement no greater than $10,000 CDN

Surviscor defines an Investor as a self-directed individual who typically:

  • Has the ability to understand the value of investing
  • Requires a well-diversified portfolio and a structured financial plan
  • Is self-reliant and prefers to self-direct his/her portfolio
  • Requires various tools and resources to make investment decisions
  • May display 'professional trader' activity traits; however, does not perceive investments as a job

The Canadian Discount Brokerage Review continues to expand. The scorCard™ reviews over 4000 features and functionality criteria questions which make up 36 sub-categories and 9 main categories. The main categories are:

  1. Getting Started - Public Site Review
  2. Service Level Assessment
  3. Mobile Accessibility
  4. Website Design
  5. Account Services
  6. Market Intelligence
  7. Website Transactions
  8. Website Resources
  9. Cost of Services
The scheduled releases of the next Canadian Online Discount Brokerage scorCard™ is:
  • October/November 2017

Qtrade Investoris the new leader in online customer experience in the Canadian Online Discount Brokerage landscape with a convincing win, dethroning BMO InvestorLine, a four time winner since 2011. The Surviscor Canadian Online Discount Brokerage review focuses on the relatively 'free' segments of business for the every day Canadian Investor.

The firms' percentage score is based on the availability of its offerings as compared to the number one peers in each category. The 2016 review continued to use 4000 usage-based criteria questions with a commission model that analyses over 12,600 individual trades.

If you are questioning our rankings or perhaps your own current choices or if you would like to CREATE YOUR OWN RANKINGS using your OWN preferences, visit the Do-It-Yourself Zone and let our scorCHOICE tool do the rest.

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1 Qtrade Investor 87%
2 Scotia iTRADE 78%
3 Questrade 77%
4 Virtual Brokers 76%
5 BMO InvestorLine 76%
6 TD Direct Investing 72%
7 RBC Direct Investing 71%
8 Credential Direct 69%
9 Desjardins Online Brokerage 68%
10 CIBC Investor's Edge 63%
11 National Bank Direct Brokerage 60%
12 HSBC InvestDirect 53%
13 Laurentian Bank Discount Brokerage 37%

For the fifth straight year, MoneySense magazine and Surviscor have partnered to produce the annual Canada's Best Canadian Online Brokerages review. The study was conducted in June and July of 2017 using Surviscor's most recent Canadian online and mobile brokerage features, functionality and service data to support the conclusions.

The methodology and results were jointly produced by Surviscor and MoneySense. CLICK on any firm for more detailed information and educational content. Additional Canadian brokerage firms not mentioned as well as all Canadian banking firms can be found by clicking: LEARN MORE ABOUT MY FIRMS

The category top picks and honourable mentions were:

Getting Started

Top Pick and Honourable Mention:
Questrade and TD Direct Investing

User Experience

Top Pick and Honourable Mention:
Questrade and Qtrade Investor

Fees and Commissions

Top Picks and Honourable Mentions:
CIBC Investor's Edge/Questrade and Qtrade Investor/Virtual Brokers

Customer Service

Top Pick and Honourable Mention:
Qtrade Investor and Desjardins Online Brokerage

Reporting & Recordkeeping

Top Pick and Honourable Mention:
BMO InvestorLine and Qtrade Investor

Market Data

Top Pick and Honourable Mention:
TD Direct Investing and Qtrade Investor

Best for ETF's

Top Picks and Honourable Mention:
Virtual Brokers/Questrade and National Bank Direct Brokerage


Top Pick:
Qtrade Investor

Honourable Mention:

Top bank-owned brokerages:
BMO InvestorLine and Scotia iTRADE

Digital release date: July 17, 2017

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