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Surviscor is a North American leader in the analysis and ranking of digital customer experiences provided by service firms. Surviscor's popular DIY Brokerage and Retail Banking reviews are powered by its proprietary scorCard™ methodology, identifying the BEST and WORST digital customer experiences.

UNBIASED Messages,
Analysis and Rankings

Unlike most internet-based or editorial rankings and ratings, Surviscor prides itself on its EDITORIAL INTEGRITY. Our mission is to tell a story using facts and DIVE INTO THE DETAIL to differentiate the results.

The Surviscor Mantra

You work hard for

Make your partners
EARN the RIGHT to manage it.

NEVER settle for second rate digital platforms OR service levels when your options are plentiful.

Surviscor Reviews can be an important piece of your FINANCIAL HOMEWORK and DUE DILIGENCE puzzle when selecting a financial partner. Our reviews hold firms accountable for your investing and banking EXPERIENCE and JOURNEY.

Make your choice count. #DontSettle


Ever wonder why you see articles written about the same company all over the internet? Or how about rankings that have limited firms or are based on the writer's 'feelings'? Our differentiation is our independent research that is not influenced by any partnership or sponsorship relationships.

What we Measure

We measure the actual Customer Experience Journeys as seen through the eyes of a customer by performing simulated-usage exercises for each firm, in each study. The key to correctly informing consumers of their choices is to ensure the evaluations mimic all the experiences they encounter along their journey.

How Deep we Dive

We cringe when we see dozens of so-called competing reviews and know that they are based on superficial data. Some reviews are established to sell subscriptions, advertising or typically to promote brands. Surviscor reviews are based on hundreds of usage experiences that form our un-matched objective opinions.

Firm Accountability

As the saying goes "If it LOOKS like a duck, SWIMS like a duck, QUACKS like a duck then it's PROBABLY a duck". Our reviews allow consumers to clearly see the DUCK in each firm, ensuring the firm is accountable to step up its game and earn your business through 'best of breed' technology.

Our History is OUR Experience.

Our Experience is
YOUR Strength.

We are a proven leader in North America for our analysis of Canadian digital customer experiences and providing Canadians with clear financial services' firm alternatives to suit their needs.

Our differentiating factor is based on our information integrity as we use objective, accurate and non-biased evaluations of individual firms and industry offerings to correctly educate consumers.

About Surviscor

# of BIASED Results

We pride ourselves on our objective analysis and independence from editorial bias. All firms are reviewed equally regardless of the site marketing sponsorships.

The year we started

Our Surviscor branded reviews were established in 2006 but our contribution to Canadians has been in place since 2001 under brands such as Gomez Canada and Watchfire Gomez Canada.

# of yearly reviews

We produce, or are the subject matter lead analyst on, 12 independent D.I.Y. Investing and Retail Banking reviews during any given calendar year with plans to expand our reach in 2021.

# of firms reviewed since 2006

Our reviews are the most inclusive of their kind ensuring results are based on as many firms that make sense given the review. We cover big banks, independent banks and discount brokerage firms along with many of Canada's leading credit unions.

Our Canadian Discount Brokerage Reviews

Surviscor has been analyzing the Canadian Discount Brokerage industry since 2006 and is known for the most comprehensive and unbiased reviews in North America.

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Our Canadian Retail Banking Reviews

Surviscor has been analyzing the Canadian Retail Banking industry since 2008 and is known for the most comprehensive and unbiased reviews in North America.

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