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Surviscor is a Canadian leader in the analysis and ranking of Canadian brokerage and banking services offered to retail consumers. Surviscor produces semi-annual and annual reviews using its proprietary scorCard™ methodology that identifies and highlights leading-edge solution providers for Canadians.

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The number of Do-It-Yourself brokerage services alternatives can be overwhelming to both investors and traders. Surviscor analyses over 3800 criteria points so you don't have to. Find out how your current firm is performing within the industry or see if another firm may better serve your needs.

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RANKINGS: Canada's BEST Online
Banking Service Providers

The majority of Canadians have a banking relationship. Whether you are loyal to one of the main banks or to a credit union, Surviscor is keeping an eye on the top firms so you don't have to. Find out how your current firm is performing within the industry or see if another firm may better serve your needs.


RANKINGS: Canada's BEST Online
Mobile Service Providers

Mobile capabilities are growing daily. Surviscor is keeping an eye on the growth and expansion of capabilities in financial services. Find out how your current firm is performing within the industry or see if another firm may better serve your needs.


Service Providers


Customer service is the cornerstone of all service relationships. We dive into which firms are providing exceptional service and identify those who are missing the mark. Find out how well your firm is providing customer service.

Surviscor Solutions

Surviscor provides interested visitors to the site with the opportunity to learn about all ranked banking and brokerage firms. Each firm identified throughout the site has a corresponding Quick-Look information page that tells the firm's story. The company page includes online, customer and mobile service signals that easily indicate where a firm stands in terms of its overall product and service offering.

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Surviscor provides firms with knowledgeable, un-biased, cost-effective third party competitive and industry benchmarking and best practice analysis at a fraction of the cost of expensive FTE departments. Surviscor eliminates the research portion of the time to market calculation, saving firms money.

Surviscor provides businesses with a variety of consulting opportunities including strategic development, service, operational, design and customized consulting.

Surviscor offers an array of benchmark reporting OPTIONS. The reports focus around scorCard reviews and are designed to provide firms with multiple levels of industry evaluation including core feature and functionality data, industry gap and OPPORTUNITY evaluation and competitive intelligence information.
Customer efficiency is the cornerstone of satisfaction and effectiveness for consumers. Companies spend millions of dollars trying to perfect virtual, non-customer facing customer satisfaction through various customer interaction methods and tools. Surviscor monitors the interaction between Canadian firms and customers to guage each firm's effectiveness.

Surviscor and Industry News

Brokerage Reviews

Surviscor produces the most comprehensive online and mobile discount brokerage analysis in North America. Surviscor reviews both Canadian and US discount brokerage firms who offer online and mobile brokerage services to self-directed investors in Canada and the US.
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Banking Reviews

Surviscor introduced the Canadian Online Banking Review in 2009 and the Mobile Banking Review in 2012. Both scorCards™ measure the service components and the available features and functionality of both the public and secure areas to generate competitive rankings.
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Service Level Reviews

Surviscor's Customer Service Analysis is performed daily through both email and social media interaction. The annual State of Service Level Efficiency report is a comprehensive annual review based upon the annual 12-month year-end customer contact records accumulated by Surviscor.
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Canadian Brokerage Rankings

BMO InvestorLine is once again the leader in Canadian online discount brokerage services in Canada as determined in the 15th edition of the Surviscor Online Discount Brokerage scorCard. Past multiple period winner Scotia iTRADE finished in 2nd place with Qtrade Investor returning to the top three. The Surviscor Canadian Online Discount Brokerage Review focuses on the relatively 'free' segments of business for the everyday Canadian Investor.

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1 BMO InvestorLine 84%
2 Scotia iTRADE 82%
3 Qtrade Investor 77%
4 Questrade 71%
5 Credential Direct 70%
6 RBC Direct Investing 69%
7 TD Direct Investing 69%
8 Virtual Brokers 68%
9 Desjardins Online Brokerage 66%
10 CIBC Investor's Edge 65%
11 National Bank Direct Brokerage 61%
12 HSBC InvestDirect 55%
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BMO InvestorLine provides the best overall mobile brokerage services in Canada as determined by the Inaugural Surviscor Canadian Mobile Brokerage scorCard™. The review looked at various mobile brokerage solutions at each Canadian discount brokerage firm, including smartphones, tablets and mobile-friendly browser-based solutions.

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1 BMO InvestorLine 91%
2 Scotia iTRADE 57%
3 Questrade 54%
4 RBC Direct Investing 51%
5 Qtrade Investor 49%
6 TD Direct Investing 43%
7 CIBC Investor's Edge 33%
8 Credential Direct 25%
8 Virtual Brokers 25%
10 Desjardins Online Brokerage 21%
11 National Bank Direct Brokerage 14%
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MoneySense magazine once again partnered with Surviscor to produce its third annual Best Canadian Discount Brokerages review. The study was conducted in March and April 2015 using the most recent Surviscor Canadian online brokerage data available to support the conclusions.

The methodology and results were jointly produced by Surviscor and MoneySense. The category winners and runner-ups were:

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Ease of Use

Winner and Runner-Up:
BMO InvestorLine and Scotia iTRADE

Customer Service

Winner and Runner-Up:
Scotia iTRADE and Qtrade Investor

Fees and Commissions

Winner and Runner-Up:
CIBC Investor's Edge and Credential Direct

Account Information and Reporting

Winner and Runner-Up:
BMO InvestorLine and Questrade

Educational Resources

Winner and Runner-Up:
Desjardins Online Brokerage and TD Direct Investing

Market Intelligence

Winner and Runner-Up:
TD Direct Investing and Scotia iTRADE

Best Overall

Winner and Runner-Up:
BMO InvestorLine and Scotia iTRADE

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Magazine release: May 2015

Canadian Banking Rankings

Tangerine provides the best overall mobile banking services in Canada as determined in the 2015 Surviscor Canadian Mobile Banking scorCard™, a comprehensive, objective annual assessment of mobile features and functionality at major Canadian banking institutions. Scotiabank advanced into second place while past winner National Bank of Canada dropped to third place.

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1 Tangerine 95.5%
2 Scotiabank 81.6%
3 National Bank of Canada 72.4%
4 RBC Royal Bank 63.1%
5 CIBC 62.5%
6 Conexus Credit Union 62.4%
7 Vancity 62.2%
8 Coast Capital Savings 62%
9 TD Canada Trust 51.4%
10 BMO Bank of Montreal 47.1%
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For the fourth straight period, RBC Royal Bank has been named the best online banking services in Canada. Scotiabank continued to gain ground, narrowly finishing in second place. BMO Bank of Montreal finished in third while past winner TD Canada Trust continues to slip and fell out of the top three for the first time finishing in fourth place. Vancity was the top Canadian Credit Union in the review. 

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1 RBC Royal Bank 75%
2 Scotiabank 74%
3 BMO Bank of Montreal 71%
4 TD Canada Trust 70%
5 CIBC 60%
6 Desjardins 57%
7 Vancity 57%
8 Coast Capital Savings 54%
9 National Bank of Canada 52%
10 PC Financial 50%
11 Tangerine 49%
12 Meridian Credit Union 48%
13 HSBC 44%
14 ATB Financial 43%
15 Laurentian Bank of Canada 36%
16 Manulife Bank of Canada 29%
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TD Canada Trust retains title as the most informative and easy to use public website among the leading online banking institutions in Canada, according to the 2013 Public Website scorCard. BMO Bank of Montreal jumped two spots to move into second while RBC Royal Bank and CIBC followed and remained in the top-five. Vancity rounded out the study's overall top-five, leading all credit unions assessed.

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1 BMO Bank of Montreal 80%
2 TD Canada Trust 80%
3 RBC Royal Bank 78%
4 CIBC 70%
5 Vancity 68%
6 Conexus Credit Union 68%
7 Desjardins 66%
8 National Bank of Canada 65%
9 Scotiabank 55%
10 Coast Capital Savings 55%
11 PC Financial 55%
12 Tangerine 54%
13 HSBC 51%
14 First Calgary Financial 46%
15 Envision Credit Union 45%
16 ATB Financial 44%
17 Meridian Credit Union 41%
18 Canadian Direct Financial - Canadian Western Bank 34%
19 Assiniboine Credit Union 33%
20 Servus Credit Union 33%
21 Steinbach Credit Union 32%
22 Alterna Bank 29%
23 Manulife Bank of Canada 25%
24 ICICI Bank 24%
25 Laurentian Bank of Canada 19%
26 Pace Credit Union 17%
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Canadian Customer Service Rankings

Qtrade Investor and Desjardins Online Brokerage are the 2015 leaders in customer service amongst Canadian self-direct brokerage firms. 2015 was not a banner year for self-direct brokerage firms as the industry response average is on the rise. Qtrade Investor has the best Service Level Index (SLI) while Desjardins Online Brokerage proved to be the quickest responder in the industry over the 170 service records.

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1 Qtrade Investor 88%
2 Desjardins Online Brokerage 86%
3 Scotia iTRADE 74%
4 Credential Direct 66%
5 HSBC InvestDirect 64%
6 BMO InvestorLine 44%
7 Virtual Brokers 44%
8 Laurentian Bank Discount Brokerage 38%
9 TD Direct Investing 34%
10 National Bank Direct Brokerage 32%
11 CIBC Investor's Edge 16%
12 Jitney Trade 16%
13 Questrade 16%
14 RBC Direct Investing 10%

BMO Bank of Montreal is once again the top ranked customer service firm in the Canadian online banking industry with a Service Level Index of 96%, the highest of any financial services firm in Canada. Meridian Credit Union and Steinbach Credit Union were the top ranked Canadian credit unions. 

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1 BMO Bank of Montreal 96%
2 Steinbach Credit Union 91%
3 Meridian Credit Union 90%
4 Conexus Credit Union 85%
5 Assiniboine Credit Union 79%
6 Manulife Bank of Canada 76%
7 Desjardins 73%
8 RBC Royal Bank 66%
9 TD Canada Trust 64%
10 Coast Capital Savings 61%
11 Vancity 54%
12 PC Financial 50%
13 Envision Credit Union 46%
14 CIBC 45%
15 National Bank of Canada 39%
16 ICICI Bank 38%
17 Alterna Bank 30%
18 Tangerine 25%
19 HSBC 23%
20 ATB Financial 23%
21 First Calgary Financial 14%
22 Servus Credit Union 14%
23 Pace Credit Union 10%
24 Laurentian Bank of Canada 8%
25 Scotiabank 1%

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